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Vimcdoc is an attempt to translate the wonderful Vim online documentation into Chinese, allowing more people to get to know and make use of this great tool. After installing vimcdoc, You will be able to do :help and read documentation in Chinese.

Get Vimcdoc

The latest version is 2.1.0!
Vimcdoc is hosted by sourceforge. You should be able to get it from any sourceforge mirror. See the links below:


2.0.0 released (17 Aug 2017) by Willis
Fully updated to Vim 8.0.

Migrated to github (7 Sep 2013) by Willis
We are going to migrate our platform to and future work will be performed there instead of

1.9.0 released (25 Aug 2013) by Willis
Fully updated to Vim 7.4.

PDF manuals uploaded (07 May 2011) by Willis
We now generate PDF versions for both the user manual and the reference manual. The user manual is available both standalone and as part of the reference manual.

1.8.0 released (13 Aug 2010) by Willis
Fully updated to Vim 7.3.

1.7.0 released (23 Dec 2008) by Willis
Fully updated to Vim 7.2. This release also adds an optional plugin that automatically sets the default help language to Chinese, so that you don't have to do it by yourself in vimrc. Note that this plugin also modifies the default encoding to utf-8. Please read the HOWTO page for more details.
This release also contains a unicode build of the win32 installation program.

1.6.0 released (17 Sep 2007) by Willis
Up-to-date with the latest upstream release Vim 7.1. Also included various bugfixes. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

Maintainer change (23 July 2007) by lang2
lang2 is stepping down fromt the maintainer's role and yianwillis will take over.

1.5.0 released! (18 Aug 2006) by lang2
A big move and we have a completely new release. Thanks to the hard work of tocer and Willis, all documentation files are NOW fully up-to-date with 7.0, including 13 new help files. Online HTML is going to be updated soon. There will be no separate releases for old vim versions. You are all encouraged to use the poweful new Vim7 anyway:) Happy vimming!

New release expected soon! (07 Aug 2006) by Willis
Stay tuned.

Version 1.0 released! Also preview release for Vim7! (23 Jun 2006) by Willis
We have completed all documentations for Vim 6.4! Various reviews have been made since 0.9.0 and we are very happy to announce our first 1.x release for vim 6.4!

In the meantime, many new exciting features have been added since Vim 7.0 has been released early May. We are actively working on new Vim 7 help files and in our first preview release, we already have 60 out of 128 files up-to-date. Welcome to try it out!

Online HTML versions are also updated for both 6.4 and 7.0 releases.

0.9.0 released! (19 Mar 2006) by lang2
This is a major milestone release! All Vim documentation are now translated and updated against Vim 6.4. This release is almost single-handedly made possible by Willis, who has only joined us for no more than a month. Everybody is encouraged to upgrade (hint: read the INSTALL file). Online HTML version will be updated shortly.

All documents translated (12 Mar 2006) by lang2
Thanks for Willis, we now have a complete translation of all the Vim documentation, user manual as well as reference manual. Well done Willis.

0.8.0 is released! (27 Jul 2005) by wandys
With four new files and many bug fixes.

New mirror! (09 Dec 2004) by lang2
This has been on the table for long. The service on cosoft isn't half as good as sourceforge. Our Wiki page breaks down from time to time. Now thanks for wandys, we have a new mirror on gro. Enjoy it!

vimcdoc 0.7.0 released! (07 July 2004) by lang2
First ever release for Vim 6.3! Loads of changes and improvements. As usual, see the change log for detail. This release can _NOT_ be automatically installed for Vim 6.2 or before. Users are suggested to upgrade to 6.3, or a manual intallation is needed for usage with previous version of Vim. Sorry. :(. Please read the INSTALL file for detailed installation instruction.

Hosting slimzhao's user manual PDF (02 July 2004) by lang2
We are honored to host slimzhao's lovely PDF version of the Vim user manual. It is of good translation quality, as ours. Download at:

Linked by vim homepage. (06.10.2004) by lang2
We are listed by the vim homepage now. Check it out:

vimcdoc 0.6.1 released! (06.01.2004) by lang2
This is mainly a bug fix release. Quite few changes really. Also, this would be the last vimcdoc release for Vim 6.2 and below.

Wiki page (03.15.2004) by lang2
wandys has put up the wiki page on our cosoft site! It now should be easier for casual contribution. Simply follow the WiKi link on the left.

vimcdoc 0.6.0 released! (12.30.2003) by lang2
Yet another major release from the hard working vimcdoc team! Three important pieces were finished: windows.txt, pattern.txt and quickfix.txt. Enjoy the new release and wish you a very happy new year!

vimcdoc 0.5.0 released! (10.19.2003) by lang2
This is a mile stone release. All the user manual are now reviewed.

Happy Birthday! ^o^ (10.10.2003) by lang2
James He posted in the mailing list:
It seems that it is one year since our great project started. Happy Birthday! ^o^
And Here is what lang2 replied.
:-) Indeed. I never thought it would take this long to be honest. And it is still not finished! No that has been quite a memorable year.

vimcdoc 0.4.5 released! (10.05.2003) by lang2
Huge amount of updates, including 10 newly translated files and tons of improvements on the existing ones. See the project page for a full changelog.

New major release! (09.22.2003) by lang2
Version 0.4.0 is available. See the project page for release note and change log. Thanks for wandys, dasn and lang2 for the hard work.

New release!
Version 0.3.5 is available. See the project page for release note and change log.

HTML version updated again (08.27.2003)
We have made some decent progress in the past week or so. The HTML version is thus updated with the latest!

2 new members! (08.18.2003)
We have two new members here, corass and dasn. And dasn has started working on gui_w32.txt as well as contributing to the reviewing effort!

0.3.1 released!!! (06.03.2003)
This is mainly a bug fix release. Wandys reviewed usr_01.txt through usr_12.txt and found some obvious defects.

0.3 released!!! (05.30.2003)
All user manual files are there and a few other docs. This is a milestone !!!

All user manual translated!! (05.29.2003)
We are on schedule!!! All the user manual documents are now translated, thanks for wandys and lang2's hard work. Now the release would be only hours away. The on-line version is updated too.

Coming closer to the next release (05.19.2003)
Another bunch of files have been translated by lang2. Now we have only two and half usr_??.txt files left before I start trying to deliver the next release. Hopefully it will be before the end of may.

On-line documents updated again. (03.21.2003)
The on-line HTML version of the documents are updated. Hopefully this would be the last time I update them manually. The major change is the inclusion of usr_41.txt.

On-line documents updated. (01.24.2003)
The on-line HTML version of the documents are updated. Not ideal but they don't change that often either.

Status update (01.15.2003)
We've grow to a number of 8 developers now and are making steady progress. Most of the usr*.txt are translated already. Our cosoft mirrors are now completely re-worked by wandys. A link from the banner is provided.

HTML version of documentations on-line (12.05.2002)
Noticed the link above 'read on-line'? Yes that is it. You can read the translated documentations on-line now. It isn't great at the moment but it is usable. Enjoy.

First ever release (12.02.2002)
We have 1x files in the CVS already so I believe we should celebrate this by making the very fist release of vimcdoc project!!! Also ychimin2000 joined us today and has picked up two files already.

Web page polished (12.01.2002)
As you can see, I've simplified the web page. All the useful information is now at the right hand. A new status page is created as well. These 2 will do for most of the time I think. I got a bit lazy during the weekend (partially because of the 2 hr soccer) and found myself doing these HTML stuff. So there you go, I don't particularly like the banner and all the colors but don't have time for those.

Merging... (11.23.2002)
wandys found out accidentally that Ken (a.k.a nek_in) has already started a same project long ago on here and managed to translate quite a few files already. So we mailed the man and basically expressed that we want to join him. We are now in a process of joining the two project into one. The main sourceforge site will be used for developing and the cosoft page will be used for releasing. I'd say that is a perfect setup. :-)

CVS ready (11.15.2002)
As wandys suggested, CVS is now setup and ready to be used. Please go to the project page for more information on using the repository. A mailing-list problem has been solved too. So there should be absolutely no reason for not working hard, ..., except for of course, weekend.

We've grown (11.14.2002)
wandys and rmy joined the team. It feels good to be working with someone instead of fighting all the problems myself.

Still looking for help (11.13.2002)
I've I under-estimated the amount of work involved in this project. As wandys in said: translation is not easy. I am currently working on the |quickref.txt| and I can see translation takes a lot of work. So I need help. Anyone who is interested please feel free to contact me. Currently I am still on my own. I am hoping to get the team list growing.....

web page up (11.12.2002)
Thanks to the nice people at, I manage to setup the web page for this project. As you can see now, there isn't much to see here yet since the project has just begun. The design was 'stolen' from Open Source Web Design and I'd like to thank warden for creating this lovely template. is down :( (11.11.2002)
I initially got quite a number of response from the forum about starting this project. But I guess I was unlucky to have it only for one day. The site was down after the day. I've lost contact with most of the people who has shown interest to the project. Please contact me if you are one of them.

files uploaded (11.10.2002)
I've uploaded two files and put them under release section today. One of them is a tar ball with all the Vim help documentation from the Vim 6.1 distribution. The other is the current status of the project ;-) - a partially translated version of the |quickref.txt|. The idea was just to test how sourceforge releases files. Give it a shot if you want to.

project started (10.10.2002)
It all started with a few post on talking about editor people use. The fact that someone was saying those crappy eye candy editor KDE come up with are better than Vim made me worrying. I said to my self, 'this is not good for China.' ;-). I am a developer my self and do a lot of coding. I use Vim only and truly think it is a great editor. I think people know less about it in China because it is documented in English. So I've decided to do this project, to promote Vim as the editor as well as letting more people in China start using this great tool.


Vimcdoc was started by Ken in 2002.6. lang2 started a similiar project from linuxforum soon after. At the end of 2002 they merged and the current vimcdoc took form. We have many members, among whom the following has contributed a lot to this project:

  • Ken -
  • wandys -
  • lang2 -
  • ychimin2000 -
  • snoopyxp -
  • yemao -
  • nutlm -
  • dasn -
  • cranecai -
  • icrazy -
  • jwdu -
  • foolstone -
  • xxxss -
  • slimzhao -
  • quhongjun -
  • yianwillis -
  • tocer -

Vimcdoc is © 2011 by the vimcdoc team. All rights reserved. Logo